Texas Atlantic Capital Leads Investment for eCabo

Berlin based former Groupon/CityDeal creators Philipp Magin and Daniel P. Glasner, who were both with the company for many years are now aiming to mix up the local commerce sector. Since the end of last year, the team have been working on eCabo (www.ecabo.de), which is, according to Magin, a “modular operating system for local traders”. The target group consists of, amongst others, restaurateurs, hair salons, and bowling centres. In the future, local companies should be able to “acquire new customers, maintain customer relationships and streamline business processes” using eCabo. “In order to take the next step” Texas Atlantic Capital provides funding in the millions for eCabo. “We are very proud and happy to have won over a group of experienced software and Internet entrepreneurs with years of experience in building successful companies,” says eCabo creator Glasner. We’ll soon see whether the eCabo cash and booking system will replace the many ancient devices in various restaurants. After all, many start-ups are currently trying to establish themselves as convenient POS services. But eCabo’s cloud solution, which also works without a permanent Internet connection, seems to be a much better solution with which local businesses can carry out all their internal business processes.