Interview With Moshe Bar by Willem ter Harmsel

As a part of a larger VC series, I interview partners at venture capital (VC) firms. The leaders in VC are literally putting their money where their mouth is; their views on the market are directly linked to their investment policy, which impacts start-ups in a big way.

For this reason I want to find out how people in the VC world think, what their views on the market are and how they decide to fund one company over another.

My VC Series runs in parallel to my CEO Series, where I interview CEOs of startups in the IT Infrastructure space.

Moshe Bar of Atlantic Capital Partners Atlantic Capital Partners (ACP) is founded in 2010 and invests in the growth stage of start-ups in (enterprise) software and digital life domains. Currently ACP has three general partners, Fred van den Bosch, Dr. Marcus Engelbert and Moshe Bar and two venture partners; Raffaele Jerusalmi and Lars Dittrich.

Moshe Bar is a well known figure in the IT landscape. The list of companies he co-founded  is substantial; Qlusters, XenSource, Hyper9, Qumranet, are the prominent ones. Moshe is now partner at Atlantic Capital Partners and serves on several boards.

I know Moshe through his time at Qumranet and decided to contact him for an interview, to find out more about Atlantic Capital Partners and his current investment focus. Read more…