Geckoboard Releases the First Business Dashboard Tool Developed for Mobile

Geckoboard – the real time business dashboard for KPIs and data – today launches a purpose-built mobile-optimized app. With enhanced data-visualizations for businesses’ vital signs and a market-busting 100+ integrations, the iPhone app is the most connected on-the-go dashboard tool currently available.

Geckoboard’s app not only benefits customers, who are already able to provide access to multiple users and create an infinite number of dashboards, but it also boosts businesses which have integrated with Geckoboard and that, so far, have not released their own mobile apps. This means, for example, services like Mixpanel can now offer customers a mobile experience at no additional cost.

“Geckoboard has created a platform that will transform the way businesses manage and provide access to key metrics,” explained Paul Joyce, Geckoboard’s CEO. “Businesses need to be able to access their data when they need it and on multiple devices – and this is all about building a culture where data is accessible and actionable.”

Research carried out by the UK-based company with more than 300 startups around the world, revealed a pressing need to decentralize access to essential data, respond faster to market changes and to empower people at all levels to balance intuition and data for better-informed decision-making.

The same study showed that despite investment on tracking, data-gathering and analytics, 59% of respondents do not have processes in place to ensure data is understood and acted upon. Geckoboard’s core belief is that the first step to effective use of data is to facilitate access to it and promote conversation around it.

The app’s launch is accompanied by a substantial enhancement to the platform’s user-experience and a switch to a new pricing model, designed to provide more flexible access to multi-user accounts.

Launched in 2010, Geckoboard is now the largest provider of third party integrations in the marketplace and continues to focus on data accessibility for technical and non-technical professionals alike.

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SOURCE Datachoice solutions ltd